DB China and the West (1245-2000)

The database is funded by the University of Zurich; access is free. Search results may be analysed online, it is possible to navigate within them, and they can be saved as PDF report for further processing. Should material from the database be used in publications, we welcome a corresponding source reference.

Accessing the database

http://www.unizh.ch/ostasien http://idoasdb.uzh.ch

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General information

  1. Titles of Chinese works are transcribed in non-concatenated form. Personal and geographical names are concatenated.Transcription in Pinyin.
  2. Titles listed in the bibliography: Only first editions are taken into account except for revised editions. All bibliographical entries refer to China only, except for Ph.D. dissertations, no other than China-related works by authors listed in the database are included. Only articles of special importance are listed..
  3. Persons: Biographies of sinologists and translators receive a full treatment. Biographical data of other persons is only included insofar as it pertains to the relationship between China and the West.
  4. Biographical data of authors and philosophers is only included if it touches upon the relationship between China and the West. Information concerning the reception and influence of authors and philosophers in China or the West respectively is recorded in detail.
  5. Listings of secondary scholarship are not intended to be exhaustive since it is usually covered by later monographs and dissertations. Comparative studies on writers or philosophers from China and the West are not included.


This project is chiefly administered by our retired scientific librarian, Mrs Anne-Marie Werner. We should like to thank her and all assisting researchers, who help us to sustain a high quality of the data, as well as all our colleagues all over the world who have readily supplied us with information. We welcome questions, suggestions, supplements to the contents of the database. They may be submitted to Ms. Anne-Marie Werner (email).


The PDFs on the website are regularly updated. Individual reports and new authors may be automatically generated in the database.

An instructional file of how to generate individual PDFs from the database will be placed here soon.



Chronology 1150-1899 (2017) (PDF, 13191 KB)

Chronology 1900-1949 (2017) (PDF, 11773 KB)

Chronology 1950-1979 (2017) (PDF, 5751 KB)

Chronology 1980-1989 (2017) (PDF, 3482 KB)

Chronology 1990-2015 (2017) (PDF, 5858 KB)


Bibliography (2017) (PDF, 9800 KB)

Names of Individuals appearing in the database

A (PDF, 1145 KB) B (PDF, 3216 KB) C (PDF, 3754 KB) D (PDF, 3732 KB) E (PDF, 636 KB) F (PDF, 2144 KB) G (PDF, 2525 KB) H (PDF, 4016 KB) I/J (PDF, 1762 KB) K (PDF, 1883 KB) L (PDF, 5645 KB) M (PDF, 4101 KB) N (PDF, 925 KB) O (PDF, 423 KB) P (PDF, 1802 KB) Q (PDF, 743 KB) R (PDF, 2250 KB) S (PDF, 4801 KB) T (PDF, 1692 KB) U/V (PDF, 1015 KB) W (PDF, 3914 KB) X (PDF, 948 KB) Y (PDF, 1411 KB) Z (PDF, 2406 KB)

Transcriptions of Place Names

Early Non-pinyin Transcriptions of Place Names compared to Wade-Giles, Hanyu Pinyin

Transcription 1 (PDF, 6571 KB), Transcriptions 2 (PDF, 10 KB), Transcriptions 3 (PDF, 17415 KB), Transcription of Prefectures (PDF, 9886 KB)

Wade-Giles-Hanyu Pinyin List (PDF, 5 KB)


Sources (2017) (PDF, 479 KB)


Arts and Chinoiserie (General Art, Architecture, Arts and Crafts, Calligraphy, Ceramics, Cinema, Garden architecture, Graphics, Illustration, Music, Painting, Photography, Sculpture)

Arts (2017) (PDF, 1051 KB)

Artists (2017) (PDF, 1903 KB)

Bibliography Theory / Bibliophily / Library science / Publishing

Bibliography theory (2017) (PDF, 118 KB)

Economy and trade

Economy and trade (2017) (PDF, 907 KB)

Economy and Trade: Names (2017) (PDF, 1239 KB)

History (History, Administration, Law, Politics, Communism, Marxism)

History (2017) (PDF, 7756 KB)

History China - America, United States of (2017) (PDF, 531 KB)

History China - America, United States of: Names (2017) (PDF, 198 KB)

History China - Austria (2018) (PDF, 28 KB)

History China - Austria: Names (2018) (PDF, 19 KB)

History China - Belgium (2018) (PDF, 18 KB)

History China - Belgium: Names (2018)

History China - Denmark (2018) (PDF, 23 KB)

History China - Denmark: Names (2018) (PDF, 38 KB)

History China - England (2017) (PDF, 600 KB)

History China - England: Names (2017) (PDF, 238 KB)

History China - Finland (2018) (PDF, 8 KB)

History China - Finland: Names (2018)

HIstory China - France (2017) (PDF, 238 KB)

HIstory China - France: Names (2017) (PDF, 181 KB)

History China - Germany (2017) (PDF, 181 KB)

History China - Germany: Names (2017) (PDF, 97 KB)

History China - Hungary (2018) (PDF, 15 KB)

History China - Hungary: Names (2018)

History China - Ireland (2018) (PDF, 6 KB)

History China - Ireland: Names (2018)

History China - Italy (2018)

History China - Italy: Names (2018)

History China - Netherlands (2018)

History China - Netherlands: Names (2018)

History China - Norway (2018)

History China - Norway: Names (2018)

History China - Poland (2018)

History China - Poland: Names (2018)

History China - Portugal (2018) (PDF, 51 KB)

History China - Portugal: Names (2018) (PDF, 111 KB)

History China - Slovania (2018)

History China - Slovania: Names (2018)

History China - Spain (2018) (PDF, 10 KB)

History China - Spain: Names (2018)

History China - Sweden (2018) (PDF, 26 KB)

History China - Sweden: Names (2018) (PDF, 25 KB)

History China - Switzerland (2017) (PDF, 1168 KB)

History China - Switzerland: Names (2017) (PDF, 856 KB)

History China - Turkey (2018)

History China - Turkey: Names (2018)

History China - European countries (2017) (PDF, 1047 KB)

(Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey)

History China-other countries (2017) (PDF, 80 KB)

(Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Israel, Malta)

Media History

Journals (2015) (PDF, 56 KB)

Media History (2017) (PDF, 226 KB)

Media history: names (2017) (PDF, 1050 KB)


Linguistics (2015) (PDF, 435 KB)


Literature : China

Chinese Literature (2017) (PDF, 3502 KB)

Literature in English (America, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland)

Literature in English (2017) (PDF, 10300 KB)

Literature in French (France, Belgium)

Literature in French (2017) (PDF, 2352 KB)

Literature in German (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)

Literature in German (2017) (PDF, 2666 KB)

Literature : Russia

Literature : Russia (2017) (PDF, 1152 KB)

Literature: Scandinavia

Literature in Nordic Languages (2017) (PDF, 285 KB)

Literature: Eastern Europe

Literature in Eastern european countries: (PDF, 247 KB) Bosnia-Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Czechoslovakia / Hungary / Poland / Romania / Serbia / Ukraine / Yugoslavia (2017)

Literature other countries

Other Western European Literatures (PDF, 195 KB): Antiquity / Greece / Italy / Netherlands / Portugal / Spain (2017)

Philosophy : Names in alphabetical order

Philosophy : China

Philosophy : China (2017) (PDF, 959 KB)

Philosophical works in English (America, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland)

Philosophy in English (2017) (PDF, 2872 KB)

Philosophical works in French (France, Belgium)

Philosophy in French (2017) (PDF, 2352 KB)

Philosophical works in German (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)

Philosophy in German (2017) (PDF, 3322 KB)

Philosophical works in other european Countries (Antiquity / Czechoslovakia / Denmark / Greece / Hungary / Italy / Netherlands / Poland / Russia / Ukraine)

Philosophy other Countries (2017) (PDF, 223 KB)


Religion : Religion general, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Folk religion (2018) (PDF, 98 KB)

Religion : Religion general, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Folk religion : Names (2018) (PDF, 63 KB)

Religion : Christianity (2018) (PDF, 943 KB)

Religion : Christianity : Names (2018) (PDF, 1686 KB)

Sciences (General Science, Archaeology, Astronomy, Astrology, Ethnology, Anthropology, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Natural science, Geometry, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Technology)

Sciences (2015) (PDF, 787 KB)

Sciences: Names (2017) (PDF, 1987 KB)

Sinology and Asian studies

Sinology general (PDF, 81 KB)

Sinology and Asian Studies : Names in alphabetical order (America, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, China, Denkmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Switzerland)

Social Sciences (Education, Healthcare, Library Science, Psychology and Behavior, Schooling, Societies, Sociology, Universities)

Social Sciences (2017) (PDF, 640 KB)

Social Sciences: NAMES (2017) (PDF, 1011 KB)

Translation : History and Theory

Translation (2016) (PDF, 77 KB)

 Translators : in alphabetical order

Translators (2017) (PDF, 3139 KB)

Travelogues and Embassy records

Travelogues and Embassy reports (2017) (PDF, 636 KB)


Bynner, Witter. The way of life according to Laotzu (PDF, 271 KB)

Bynner, Witter. Three hundred poems of the T'ang dynasty (PDF, 618 KB)

Ayscough, Florence ; Lowell. Amy. Fir-flower tablets (PDF, 982 KB)

Hilton, James. Lost Horizon (PDF, 620 KB)

Maugham, W. Somerset. On a Chinese screen (PDF, 11226 KB)

Pound, Ezra. The great digest & Unwobbling pivot (PDF, 10558 KB)

Pound, Ezra. The Confucian Odes (PDF, 11946 KB)

Pound, Ezra. Confucian analects (PDF, 6637 KB)