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Advanced: News of the Week, from different Viewpoints

In this course, we will deal every week with the most controversial topic in the Arab media and have a look at it from different viewpoints and sources; i.e. state-media, "independent" media, western media etc. All will be compared. You will see how different some news is covered and presented; how biased some media are; and how difficult it is to know where the truth is. You will also learn about the hidden agenda and influence of some media outlets. The focus will be written media, but TV reports will be used as well. The intensive work with the materials will, therefore, significantly improve your reading (and listening) comprehension skills. Discussions or presentations in class will develop your oral fluency, expand your lexical repertoire and bring your passive vocabulary to regular use.

Material:   Will be provided by the lecturer.
Lecturer:   Adel Salama, M.A., Qaboos University, Oman.
Time:   19. September - 7. November 2014 (8 sessions).
Friday 11:00-12:30 GMT (12:00-13:30 CET, will be 13:00-14:30 CET after 26.Oct.)
Communication in class:   Class is taught in Arabic and English.
Communication will take place via Google Hangouts.
Participants   Participants eligible to this course are at the advanced level. You are expected to be able to handle long texts in Arabic without resorting too often to a dictionary; follow a TV-program and understand most of it without a lot of difficulties; engage in a discussion or give a clear explanation of your arguments.
Level as specified by CEFR: B2.2-C1.
Mode   Once a week, 90 minutes, in a small group of six to nine, online. This course comprises eight sessions. Lessons will be progressive. Estimated time to prepare the lessons will be at least 3 hours per week. Cancelled sessions due to an emergency on the part of the lecturer will be substituted (normally added at the end of the semester).
Certificate   A certificate of participation will be issued if the student has attended at least three quarters of all meetings and if he/she has met the course requirements as defined by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester (This might include presentations in class or written exercises).
Fees   250 EUR.
10% discount on early registration and for former students of our webclasses.
Fees are expected to be paid before teaching starts. If a student has to cancel his/ her participation before the first session, he/ she will be reimbursed the whole amount minus a charge of 60.- EUR. No reimbursement will be paid after the first session.
Registration   here
Registration is open until 18. August 2014. You get a 10% discount if you register before 1. August 2014.
Technical Issues   Students need a computer, internet access, a headset (compulsory), a Skype and a Google account. We will check in a personal online meeting, whether the connection is working. Technical problems showing up during the semester that prevent a student from attending the class are subject to his/her own responsibility. Missed classes will, therefore, not be substituted. However, if a technical problem prevents all students from participating, the class will be substituted (normally added at the end of the semester).
Further Information   Dr. Eva Yousssef, evamira.youssef at
Daniel Falk, M.A., daniel.falk at

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