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Media Arabic Webclass

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Information technology and a relative atmosphere of freedom in the Arab world have led to the development of influential media that have powerful impact on public opinion and provided a forum for debates on a variety of political, cultural and socio-economic topics. During the Arab Spring and its repercussions, these media have played a central role in sending the spark of change from one country to another. Consequently, a good command of Media Arabic is an essential prerequisite not only for researchers on Arab World-related topics but also for practitioners in the field.

The Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies offers different intensive courses to meet the needs of PhD students, scholars, diplomats, lawyers, journalists, etc. with a sound theoretical knowledge of Standard Arabic, but have no time to follow traditional language training. In several levels, we will improve your command of Media Arabic in the different language skills: reading, listening, talking, and (to a lesser degree) writing. See the description of the courses and our level offered in order to know more about the focus and aim of each course.

The aim of all our courses is to bring Modern Standard Arabic out of a purely academic classroom setting to "real life" by offering courses dealing with current issues and enabling and encouraging students to autonomous working with authentic materials. Besides our regular, annual courses (one session per week), we also offer summer, intensive courses (two sessions per week) with attractive, reduced fees for students, and customized programs for indivudals, organisations or companies.

Mode   Once a week, 90 minutes, in a small group of six to eight, online. Communication will take place via the program Cliqmeet (introduction to Cliqmeet is provided upon registration). For the number of sessions, please see course descriptions.
Courses   Courses are taught at different levels by experienced teachers with strong academic background. Beside the regular courses we alo offer summer courses, tailor-made courses for special purposes and private Arabic coaching, especially for PhD Students.
Levels   Find here a detailed description of the levels offered in the Media Arabic Webclass, what kind of activities they concentrate on, and what their main aims are.
Certificate   A certificate of participation will be issued if the student has attended at least three quarters of all meetings and if he/she has met the course requirements as defined by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester.
Participants   Anyone can participate in these classes. The only prerequisite is the suitable language level. Please see the details in level description in order to self-assess your skills and choose the appropriate course for you. In addition, your command of Arabic will be assessed in a personal online meeting upon registration.
Fees   See course descriptions. Fees are expected to be paid before teaching starts. If a student has to cancel his/ her participation before the first session, he/ she will be reimbursed the whole amount minus a charge of 60.- EUR. No reimbursement will be paid after the first session.
Registration   here, but see course descriptions for more details.
Further Information   Dr. Eva Yousssef, evamira.youssef at 
Daniel Falk, M.A., daniel.falk at

If you like to get information about new courses or offers, please send an email with the subject "Media Arabic Webclass News" to daniel.falk at
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