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Customized Programs, "Arabic Coaching"

Besides group courses in Media Arabic, we offer services in Arabic language as follows:

One-to-one tutorial to address your specific needs; whether these needs are academic or non-academic. This arrangement is suitable for every Arabic learner who wishes to improve specific skills (listening, speaking, writing, etc.), post-graduate students who can make use of our expertise in Arabic for journalism and Arabic for research, frequent travellers to the Middle East, and businessmen who travel often to Arab countries.
On-site programs for organisations and companies, especially those in the field of travel, insurance, banking, import and export, marketing, and humanitarian relief. The programs will be tailored to meet your staff’s needs and achieve your goals, and will be given where they work to save their time.

Target group   We offer our service to anyone as pointed out above, but we expect you to have already some knowledge of Arabic. PhD students and researchers of Zurich University enjoy special conditions and priority.
Goals   Will be agreed upon with the teacher. They may include the preparation to a job interview in Arabic, the analysis of Arabic sources for research, a helping hand in autonomous Arabic learning, support in writing an essay in Arabic etc.
Mode   Online, as many sessions as booked. For on-site training, please contact us.
Fees   New prices for autumn semester 2018. Packages from 5 to 10 sessions. Weekly session of 60 mins.
Price per session 100.- CHF.
PhD-students and researchers of Zurich University will enjoy a discount of 15%.
For on-site training, please contact us.
Technical Issues   Students need a computer, internet access, a headset and a Skype account. In the meetings, webinar browser based software will be used. We will check in a personal online meeting, whether the connection is working; and give you a short introduction into the programs. Technical problems showing up during the courses that prevent a student from attending the class are his/her own responsibility. Missed classes will, therefore, not be substituted. However, if a technical problem prevents the teacher from participating, the class will be substituted.
Information and registration   Dr. Eva Yousssef, evamira.youssef at

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