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Preparatory Course: "My First Authentic Arabic Media Texts"

This course aims at enabling students to deal with easy authentic Arabic texts as provided by magazines or newspapers - supplemented by some audio material from radio or TV channels. The topics chosen will give an insight into current discussions in Arab society, especially by the youth. Vocabulary building will be another focus, whereas grammar will be worked on merely where the texts require it. All the different language skills will be trained in this course with the following emphasis: reading, listening, talking, writing.

Material:   All material will be provided by the lecturer.
Lecturer:   lic. David Henen, The American University in Cairo, Egypt.
Time:   6 April - 15 June 2015 (12 sessions).
Monday 19:00-20:30 CET (18:00-19:30 GMT)
Communication in class:   Class is taught in Arabic and English (or German).
Communication via Cliqmeet webinar software.
Participants   Participants are expected to have completed level A2, i.e. to have had about 150 contact hours in the frame of Arabic courses (i.e. four semesters at the Sprachenzentrum or 2 semester at the AOI). They have acquired the essential grammar, although there are still some bigger gaps. So far, they have hardly worked with authentical, non-simplified material.
Level as specified by CEFR: B1.1.
Mode   Once a week, 90 minutes, in a small group of six to nine, online. This course comprises twelve sessions. Lessons will be progressive. Estimated time to prepare the lessons will be at least 2 hours per week. Cancelled sessions due to an emergency on the part of the lecturer will be substituted (normally added at the end of the semester).
Certificate   A certificate of participation will be issued if the student has attended at least three quarters of all meetings and if he/she has met the course requirements as defined by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester (This might include presentations in class or written exercises).
Fees   330 EUR.
10% discount on early registration and for former students of our webclasses.
Fees are expected to be paid before teaching starts. If a student has to cancel his/ her participation before the first session, he/ she will be reimbursed the whole amount minus a charge of 60.- EUR. No reimbursement will be paid after the first session.
Registration   here
Registration is open until 22 March 2015. You get a 10% discount if you register before 1 March 2015.
Technical Issues   Students need internet access, a headset and a Skype account. In class, Cliqmeet, a webinar browser based software will be used (does not need any installation). We will check in a personal online meeting, whether the connection is working and give you a short introduction into the programs. Technical problems showing up during the courses that prevent a student from attending the class are his/her own responsibility. Missed classes will, therefore, not be substituted. However, if a general technical problem prevents everyone from participating, the class will be substituted (normally added at the end of the semester).
Further Information   Dr. Eva Yousssef, evamira.youssef at
Daniel Falk, M.A., daniel.falk at

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