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Women in the Global Pandemic Media Imagination. Mimetic Desire, Scapegoat, and Transcendence.


Prof. Chia-ju Chang, City University of New York

Datum und Zeit

30. September 2021, 14:00 - 16:00 Uhr


The lecture will take place via Microsoft Teams, in English.

Join us via the following Link.


At this particular historical juncture where biological, ecological, and social pathologies collide on a global and planetary scale, how do we free ourselves from the grip of mimetic unconsciousness? What role can Asia or traditional cultures play in showing the way to transcend this tenacious dualism that we mistake as human nature? This lecture sketches the current status quo where media, such as internet, social media, and particularly film, contributes to or ameliorates the mimetic triangle, in which minority groups and women are scapegoats of Covid-19, both in reality and virtual realms of discourse. Zooming in on the dimension of gender, I consider the figure and trope of woman as Other in three pandemic films,
“Hong Kong: A Winner” (Stephen Chow, Hong Kong, 2003), Contagion (Steven Soderbergh, USA, 2011) and The Che Brother (Anysay Keola, Laos, 2020).



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