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Asien-Orient-Institut UFSP Asien und Europa (2006–2017)

Techniken für Geister: Ethnotopographien des Wissens im Hochland Südostasiens

On Tuesday, April 5th, Prof. Dr. Guido Sprenger will hold a lecture on the subject "Techniken für Geister: Ethnotopographien des Wissens im Hochland Südostasiens"
Lecture room: RAI-H-041, Rämistrasse 74, 8001 Zurich

Guido Sprenger is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Heidelberg. He has done research on ritual, cosmology and trans-culturality in the uplands of Laos since 2000 and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Academia Sinica, Taipei. His book Die Männer, die den Geldbaum fällten (2006) and his articles analyze how upland ritual interacts and constructs interethnic relations. His research interests include the question how boundaries reproduce social structure and how cultures process their social and natural environments.