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Planned activities (20222024) include:

1. Graduate Course for students (MA level) including all partner institutions: Continuing and consolidating the previously established graduate course "Gender and Divesity in Transcultural Perspective" as a recurring module to be integrated into the regular teaching portfolio of our institutions.

2. Peer-mentoring groups for advanced students, PhD candidates and early career researchers: To form guided peer-mentoring groups between the participating institutions on an individual basis, supervised by our respective experts.

3. Lecture series and local workshops: Each partner institution organizes several such events with topics corresponding to their respective interests. Involves students and researchers to co-design these contents, with activities being organized multilingually.

4. Summer School "Transculturality, Gender and Diversity": To be held in Beirut at our associated partner institution Lebanese American University in 2023/2024 (alternatively in Morocco). The Summer School brings together the different levels of experimental educational lab spaces into two intensive weeks for dialogue and exchange between students, practitioners and experts from Switzerland, Morocco, Egypt, and Lebanon.