Creating Spaces: Enhancing Multiversal Knowledge Production in Gender and Diversity Studies (CreSp)

Building on and extending the Consortium of Education and Research PRO GED, this follow-up project is dedicated to developing creative and interactive learning models that focus on transcultural exchange among advanced students and young researchers in the field of gender studies from Switzerland and the MENA region.


The project's objectives are:

1) Experimental lab for innovative digital and analog spaces for collaborative dialogue and echange in the field of gender, diversity and related studies

2) Participatory approach to learning and knowing; bottom-up teaching; finding creative, multiversal ways of building and disseminating knowledge beyond traditional academic paths; establish formal and informal structures for learning including academic and non-academic audiences

3) Retinking ways of teaching and communicating vertically between students and teachers as well as horizontally among students

4) Facilitate and institutionalize bottom-up teaching an learning in the field of gender and diversity studies



The project is funded by the Cluster of Cooperation "Digital Education And Research for MENA" (CLOC DEAR MENA, swissuniversities).