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Summer School 2021: Free Will and Determinism in the Islamic Tradition

Summer School, Zürich, 05. - 16. Juli 2021


The question whether our behaviour is freely willed or determined has been discussed in the Islamic world from the beginning to the present day. The debate is of particular interest because intellectuals of many persuasions, with various epistemological interests, have contributed to it. Many of them stand in an intellectual tradition that refers back in the first instance to Aristotle, then to Avicenna (d.1037) and, further, to later thinkers like Mullā Ṣ adrā (d.1640). Others argued theologically, which could equally encompass a spectrum of standpoints and methodological approaches (rationalistic, tradition-based etc.). Still others came to the question of free
will from a Sufi-mystical perspective. Beyond this, the topic is connected to the occult sciences (astrology, alchemy etc.) which aim at exploring natural as well supranatural forces and their possible impact on man.


Prof. Mohammed Beheshti (Tehran)
Dr. Zakieh Azadani (Tehran/Zurich)
Prof. Nader El-Bizri (Beirut/Durham)
Dr. Reza Pourjavady (Bamberg)
Prof. Ulrich Rudolph (Zurich)


Universität Zürich, Asien-Orient-Institut, RAA E08 und RAA E30, Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zürich


Asien-Orient-Institut - Islamwissenschaft

Asien-Orient-Institut - Doktoratsprogramm Asien & Europa

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