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On Fighting Tigers and Flies: Unboxing Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign


Prof. Dr. Nele Noesselt (Universität Duisburg Essen)

Datum und Zeit

13. Dezember 2018, 18:15 - 20:00 Uhr


Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, the People’s Republic of China has launched new campaigns to combat corruption and power abuse by party officials. These current campaigns differ from all previous ones in terms of scope and scale. Under Xi Jinping, these campaigns do not only target corrupt officials regardless of their rank and position – hence proclaimed as simultaneously targeting both “tigers and flies” – but have been extended beyond China’s territorial borders. Operation Fox Hunt and Sky Net officially focus on the persecution of fugitive Chinese officials accused of corruption or economic crimes.

This evening talk will discuss the campaigns launched since 2012/2013 by putting them into the broader context of the CCP’s past and present governance recalibration and re-stabilization initiatives. Furthermore, it will also address the potentially destabilizing effects of these campaigns, as they might all too easily destroy the symbiotic balance between the inner-party factions and influential elites.


Universität Zürich, Asien-Orient-Institut, Raum ZUB 314, Zürichbergstrasse 4, 8032 Zürich


Asien-Orient-Institut - Sinologie