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Workshop: Warrior Queens and Resistance Fighters: The Role of Female Figures in Imperialist Mythology

International Workshop, Zürich, 28. - 30. Juni 2021


Women’s roles in history are manifold. They are remembered as leaders, rebels, supporters, and in many other functions. Some women, however, have acquired a status that eclipses historiography. These women have become mythological figures, used to emphasise and legitimise  arguments of particular social significance. Often martial in nature, some of these mythological women were and are used in an imperialistic context as symbols of power and authority. In other cases, they are figures of resistance. Examples range from centuries-old warrior queens that set out on conquests, to modern resistance fighters that rebelled against colonial rule, all used as a call to unity and action by subsequent generations. The workshop aims to collect examples of such female figures from all over the world, and find commonalities and differences in their utilisation in an imperialist context across geographic regions and historical periods.

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The workshop will take place on Zoom.

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Sarah Rebecca Schmid


Asien-Orient-Institut - Japanologie