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Drugs and the Politics of Consumption in Japan

International Workshop, Zurich, August 22-24, 2019

The 'politics of consumption' in Japan allow a reevaluation of the boundaries between accepted and deviant, licit and illicit in a global historical perspective. What political, economic, social and cultural processes shaped particular perceptions of drugs in Japan? What policies and practices make Japan historically comparable or connect Ja-pan to other countries? Contributions are about drug production and trade, consumption, addiction and prohibition in Japan and its overseas territories from the pre-modern to the postwar period.


PD Dr. Judith Vitale (Historisches Seminar, Universität Zürich)

Dr. des Ulrich Brandenburg (Asien-Orient-Institut, Universität Zürich)


Universität Zürich, Raum KO2 F 174, Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4, 8006 Zürich

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Programm siehe: Agenda UZH

Offizielle Ankündigung: Historisches Seminar

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