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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

RASA & BHAVA: The Aesthetics of Indian Classical Dance Kathak

Kathak lecture-demonstration by Guru Dr. Pali Chandra


Guru Dr. Pali Chandra

Date and Time

December 06, 2021, 12:00: - 13:45 Uhr

Update: a video recording of the event is available at this link.


Kathak, an Indian classical dance form, is the art of storytelling through  music, dance, and theatre. Rooted in the Bhakti movement, Kathak  flourished in the temples of India and later adapted itself to the Mughal courts. Hence, it is a dynamic amalgamation of both styles. It is known for  its intricate rhythmic system (Taal) and aesthetic emotions, which serve as  the backbone for Rasa and Bhava. This art of expression can be seen while  portraying the Nayikas, the female characters of the past and present.

In this lecture-demonstration, Guru Dr. Pali Chandra will methodologically  explain the technique of Bhava and how to create Rasa within multiple storylines while catering to the audiences of today.


University Zurich, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, Room: RAA G01 (Aula), Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zürich

(A valid Covid certificate is required.)


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