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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Grand Strategy of Japan in the 21st Century / Swiss Foreign Policy in Asia-Pacific

Lecture: Grand Strategy of Japan in the 21st Century



Prof. Nobukatsu Kanehara (Doshisha University; former Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Japanese Government)

Date and Time

March 26, 2021, 10:15 - 11:45 am


The liberal international order is emerging in Asia. Around the end of the Cold War, many Asian nations turned to democracy one by one. The Philippines was the first in 1986. The Republic of Korea followed in 1987. Many ASEAN nations followed. Taiwan became a proud democracy under Lee Dong-hui. They believe that human dignity is absolutely equal. Everybody is born to pursue his or her happiness. Humans are weak creatures so that they live better together. The government is an instrument for that. The conviction is widely shared in today’s Asia.

There are many flaws yet. But the precursors should remember the long way the traced; colonization, racial discrimination, exploitation, slavery works in mines, mono-culture plantation, revolution, war for independence and dictatorship. Their freedom and democracy were won by themselves. And today, they are very proud.

ASEAN has developed a liberal and multilateral culture of diplomacy, that makes a stark contrast between South East Asia and Central Asia. The West should encourage them for enhancing freedom and democracy, pushing forward free trade and regional economic integration through better connectivity, and keeping strategic balance in the region.

For that purpose, the biggest challenge is rising China. Under Xi Jinping, China seems leaving the West. How the West could be united to craft the common grand strategy to engage China is the question cast not only to Asian nations and the United States, but also to the European nations.

Brief Adress: Swiss Foreign Policy in Asia-Pacific



Swiss Ambassador Raphael Nägeli (Head of Asia-Pacific Division, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)


The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing an impressive momentum. Many experts say that we are now in the Asian Century. The immensely diverse region is responsible for over a third of global economic output. Its population is 500 times that of Switzerland, almost 6 times that of Europe. Three out of eight priority countries of the Swiss foreign policy are in Asia: Japan, China, and India. The power and economic shifts, the efforts for regional economic integration, the rapid digitalization, climate change and more recently the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in Asia-Pacific are all of key interest to Switzerland’s foreign policy. Switzerland aims to take advantage of the opportunities brought by this momentum and tackle the challenges head-on. What are the Swiss priorities and what tools and partners does Switzerland need to do this?


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