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Abteilung Japanologie

Japanese Studies is the scholarly engagement with Japan from its historical beginnings through to the present day. Its basis is the analysis and methodologically reflective interpretation of original-language sources. Japanese Studies in Zurich has Chairs in both Japanese Philology and the Social Science of Japan. At the BA level, they provide a broad-ranging, basic training in the content, method and languages of the discipline. In the research-oriented degree programs at the MA and doctoral levels, knowledge and methodological tools relevant to the chosen specialization and the research interests of both professors are extended: on the one hand, topics of intellectual, literary and religious history are the focus; on the other, contemporary questions facing Japanese society, such as immigration or social inequality stand at the center.

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Japanese Studies at the University of Zurich

In our new brochure you will find information about the main foci of the Japanese Studies in Zurich, about the range of courses, mobility programs, perspectives etc.


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