Coordinator of Studies/SAP Responsible IAOS

Dr. Kathrin Ensinger
Coordinator of Studies, SAP Responsible

Room ZUB 325
Zürichbergstrasse 4
CH-8032 Zürich
Phone +41 44 634 59 83
Fax +41 44 634 49 21

Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 9:00–16:00

Appointments by arrangement

As Coordinator of Studies I support the Director of Studies in his tasks. I coordinate the planning of the study programs at BA, MA and PhD-level and am responsible for SAP for all study programs. My tasks include:

  • Conceptual Planning and handling of the Institute’s goals in Teaching including curriculum development
  • documentation of the study programs
  • contact person to the Studiendekanat
  • quality assurance and evaluation of teaching
  • planning and coordination of the courses offered per semester (including seminar rooms)
  • contact for module booking, module assessment and module cancellation
  • questions of admission, degrees and external accreditation degrees
  • coordination and communication of events other than regular courses (e.g. conferences, workshops, lectures)