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Asien-Orient-Institut UFSP Asien und Europa (2006–2017)

Zwischen anspruchsvollen Erwartungen vom Staat und Repräsentationsdefizite: Warum akzeptieren viele Japaner den LDP-Entwurf der anti-freiheitlichen Verfassungsrevision?

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Nishihara, Waseda University
28. April 2015, 18:15–20:00
Universität Zürich, Hauptgebäude, Raum KOL F-117, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Nishihara an der Universität Zürich


Since about the start of this millennium, the political movement in Japan has been enlivened by efforts to revise its democratic Constitution, striving towards an emperor led totalitarian military State. The Japanese population that enjoyed its freedom and peace during the second half of the 20th century, does not show much reluctance to the new supporters of restoration. In order to better explain this contradictory phenomenon, I will analyze the peculiar mode of reception of democracy by the post-war Japanese and its current consequences.