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Asien-Orient-Institut UFSP Asien und Europa (2006–2017)

Writing Autobiography as an LGBTIQ Activist in India

A. Revathi (former director of SANGAMA, Bangalore)

Gastvortrag, 24. November 2016, 16:15–18:00<

Der Gastvortrag findet im Rahmen des South Asia Forum statt.


ISEK - Ethnologie und UFSP Asien und Europa


Raum AND 3.46, Andreasstrasse 15, 8050 Zürich


Eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich bis 17. November 2016:


A. Revathi is a writer, poet, actress and activist from Tamil Nadu who fights for human rights, especially for the LGBTIQ people as well as Dalits and Adivasis in India. Being the first author writing about Hijras/Thirunangais in Asia, Revathi wrote a scientific anthology of life-stories from other Thirunangais in Tamil Nadu - «Our lives, our words: Telling Aravani lifestories» (2011; Tamil Original in 2004) - for which she conducted research through interviews. In addition to that she is the author of two autobiographical books - «The Truth about me: A Hijra Life Story» (2010) and «A Life in Trans Activism» (2016) - in which she narrates her experiences as a Hijra/Thirunangai in India. On the basis of her writing we would like to discuss with Revathi how she perceives the relationship between literature and social sciences in general and between autobiographical accounts and ethnographies in particular.