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Asien-Orient-Institut UFSP Asien und Europa (2006–2017)

Political Protests, Social (Non-) Movements and the Role of Digital Media

Graduate Student Workshop, April 24–25, 2013


Joëlle Affolter, Amir Hamid, Tobias Weiss, all URPP Asia and Europe


Room WIE F-07, Wiesenstrasse 7/9, 8008 Zurich


This workshop is a pre-conference workshop to URPP’s annual conference “Travelling Norms and the Politics of Contention,” to be held October 25–26, 2013. It will deal with new social movements and non-movements (Asef Bayat) and new forms of political protest and their relationship to the use of digital media, in particular social network services, such as Twitter or Facebook. Presenters as well as the audience are expected to consist mostly of Ph.D. students, presenting and discussing their current research projects related to the subject of this workshop. The aim is to build a network of young researchers who are studying similar phenomena, but haven’t yet got the chance to get connected and exchange about questions of common theories, concepts and methodologies due to the relative recency and actuality of this research field. Hence, keynote speeches are planned to be given by rather young but specialized scholars in their fields, in order to keep the hierarchical structures of the event as flat as possible and foster fruitful discussions on an equal footing.


April 24, 2013
10.00–10.15   Welcome Coffee
10.15–10.30   Welcome Address by Fabian Schäfer
Keynote Talk
10.30–11.30   Dr. Simona Grano
The role of social media in recent environmental protests in China
Panel 1: Political Protest across Regions
11.30–12.15   Tobias Weiss
Post-Fukushima Japan: Transformationen in Zivilgesellschaft und Öffentlichkeit
12.15–13.00   Mihaly Gyimesi
The spread of “liquid organizing” in Hungary – a research plan
13.00–14.30   Lunch Break
14.30–15.15   Linda Maduz
Social Protest and Political Change: Evidence from (South-) East Asia's Newly Democratized States
15.15–15.30   Coffee Break
15.30–16.15   Julia Obinger
The Case of “Amateur's Riot” in Tokyo: A (Non-) political (Non-)Movement?
19.00   Official Dinner (place to be announced)


April 25, 2013
Keynote Talk
09.00–10.00   Dr. Andreas Koller
Beyond Micro-Publics: Public Sphere Analysis and Political Development
Panel 2: Digital Media and the Public Sphere
10.00–10.45   Johanne Kuebler
Opening the digital treasure chest–Of the use of digital methods for the analysis of contemporary social movements
10.45–11.00   Coffee Break
11.00–11.45   Amir Hamid
Body, Scripture, Hypertext – The Materiality of the Subject in the Islamist Discourse of the Transnational Arab Public Sphere
11.45–12.30   Sophia Ermert
Towards a Feminist Theory of the Public Sphere
12.30–13.00   Plenary Discussion
13.00   Farewell Lunch

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Financial Support

The workshop is supported by the Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich.