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Asien-Orient-Institut UFSP Asien und Europa (2006–2017)

Entangled Landscapes: Re-thinking the Landscape Exchange between China and Europe in the 16th–18th Centuries

Internationales Symposium, 10.–12. Mai 2013


UFSP Asien und Europa in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunsthistorischen Institut – Abteilung Ostasien und dem Asien-Orient-Institut – Ostasienwissenschaften der Universität Zürich


The main goal of the symposium is to rethink the exchange of landscape culture between China and Europe in the 16th-18th centuries using an ‘entangled landscapes’ approach. By using this term, we do not understand the Chinese-European exchange of landscape culture as a mere artistic exchange between two isolated ‘islands’. Rather, we consider the cross-cultural landscape representations being used to manifest and perform interactions among different cultures, religions, and powers within their cultural, social and political contexts. Through this symposium, we will seek not only a more thorough understanding of the exchange of landscape culture, but also a deeper understanding of the formation of cultural identities in China and Europe, and the relations between China and Europe during the 16th-18th centuries.


Villa Schönberg, Seminarraum, Museum Rietberg, Gablerstrasse 15, 8002 Zürich


Freitag, 10. Mai 2013
13:30–14:00   Registration
14:00–14:30   Welcoming: Opening Speeches
Prof. Dr. Hans B. Thomsen, University of Zurich
Dr. Albert Lutz, Museum Rietberg
Dr. Yue Zhuang, University of Zurich

Session 1: Negotiation of Concepts
Chair: Klaas Ruitenbeek (Museum of Asian Art, Berlin)
Discussant: Dr. Julia Orell (University of Zurich)
14:30–15:10   Yue Zhuang, University of Zurich
Chinese irregularity and European vitalism: Sir William Temple’s Upon the Gardens of Epicurus (1685)
15:10–15:50   Michele Fatica, University of Naples "l’Orientale
The Philosophy of the Chinese garden according to Matteo Ripa
15:50–16:10   Coffee Break
16:10–16:50   Stephen Bann, Bristol University
‘Retreats or Attacks?’: Scholars, Poets and the Politics of Landscape Gardening in China and the West
16:50–17:30   Mark Dorrian, Newcastle University
Western Orientals? The Theme of the ‘Tartar’ in Elizabethan Discourses on Ireland
17:30–18:10   Discussion
19:00–22:00   Special Event: Opening of Exhibition
  Constructing Qing Imperial Landscapes: Exhibition of the Yangshi Lei Architectural Archives (1644–1911)
ETH, Main Building, G-Gallery, Rämistrasse 101, 8006 Zürich


Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Session I: Negotiation of Concepts (Continued)
Chair/ Discussant: Dinah Zank (University of Zurich)
9:00 –9:40   David E. Cooper, Durham University
Culture/Nature: Human Landscapes in Chinese and European Imaginations
9:40–10:20   Norman Backhaus, University of Zurich
A multidimensional model of landscape perception: Trying to connect entangled times and spaces
10:20–10:40   Discussion
10:40–11:00   Coffee Break
Session II: Appropriation of Styles
Chair/Discussant: Eric Alms (University of Zurich)
11:00–11:40   Hui Zou, University of Florida
Delightful Encounter: Emperor Qianlong’s View of the Labyrinth
11:40–12:20   Sheng-Ching Chang, Fu Jen University
The Construction of Chinese Style Gardens in eighteenth–century Germany by using the Garden of Wörlitz (1764–1813) and the Chinese garden of Oranienbaum (1793–1797) as Examples
12:20–12:40   Discussion
12:40–14:30   Lunch

Session III: Circulation of Landscapes
Chair/Discussant: Jeanne Egloff (University of Zurich)
14:30–15:10   Wan Ming, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Blue-and-White Porcelain: Connecting Chinese-European Landscape Culture in the 16th –18th centuries
15:10–15:50   Philippe Forêt, University of St. Gallen
The Disentangled Pictorial History of Mémoire sur la Chine (1776)
15:50–16:10   Coffee Break
16:10–16:50   Jennifer Purtle, University of Toronto
From On High: Entangled Landscapes of Falconry in China and Europe
16:50–17:30   Wang Qiheng, Tianjin University
En-Graving Qing Imperial Memory: The Transfer of European Copperplate-Engraving Technology in the Qing Court
17:30–18:10   Hans B. Thomsen, University of Zurich
Envisioning Chinese Landscapes from Japan: Another Perspective on the Transmission of Images and Ideas of Landscapes
18:10–18:30   Discussion
19:30   Conference Dinner


Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Session IV: Representational Methods and Techniques
Chair: Sven Trakulhun (University of Zurich);
Discussant: Ulrich Brandenburg (University of Zurich)
9:00– 9:40   Roland Altenburger, University of Würzburg
Layered landscape: Textual and cartographical representations of Hangzhou's West Lake, 16th–18th centuries
9:40–10:20   Kristina Kleutghen, Washington University in St. Louis
Landscape of Entangled Illusions: Europe, Jiangnan, and Beijing in the Qianlong Emperor’s Retirement Studio
10:20–10:40   Coffee Break
10:40–11:20   Ma Ya-Chen, Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Depicting Victories on the Frontier: War and Empire in the East Turkestan Campaign
11:20–12:00   Daniel Greenberg, Yale University
Imperial Landscape, Imperial Gaze: Painting as Cosmography in the Qianlong Court
12:00–12:20   Discussion
12:20–12:40   Coffee break
12:40–13:30   Conclusion
13:30–14:30   Lunch

Die Veranstaltungssprache ist Englisch.

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Report in the “Asia & Europe Bulletin” 3/2014

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Ausführliche Beschreibung des Symposiums als PDF:

Constructing Qing Imperial Landscapes


Das Symposium wird von einer Ausstellung zu den Yangshi Lei Architectural Archives (1644–1911) begleitet: Constructing Qing Imperial Landscapes