Guides and General Documents: Downloads

The following documents relating to degree programmes may be downloaded in PDF format:

- BA Sinology:

Guide to the BA degree programme (in German): (PDF, 348 KB)

- Sinology, Lizentiat degree programme:

Vademecum Sinology / Study guide (in German) (PDF, 226 KB)

NB: certain individual regulations, such as rules regarding the intermediate examinations, may be modified by new regulations; please refer also to the explanations on this page Examinations

- Text book for classical Chinese language (in German):

Purchase order form "Antikchinesisch - Ein Lehrbuch in drei Teilen" (PDF, 90 KB)

- Working method:

How to write a proseminar paper (in German) (PDF, 207 KB)

- Transcription tables:

Pinyin – Wade-Giles (PDF, 5 KB)

Wade-Giles – Pinyin (PDF, 5 KB)

Unger – Pinyin – Wade-Giles (PDF, 7 KB)

- Sinology / Chinese Studies reading suggestions according to areas:

Sinology, reading list (PDF, 14 KB)

- In case site visitors are interested in the history of the Department of East Asian Studies, the brochure which was made for the 50 year jubilee (including 30 years Art History of East Asia jubilee) can be downloaded here (document in German) :

50 Jahre Sinologie (PDF, 121 KB)