Research Chair Gender Studies and Islamic Studies

Ongoing Projects

Research Team Project Start/End
Dennerlein, Bettina, Prof. Dr., Farag, Sarah, Dr. Gender, Politics and Critique in the MENA: Towards a Critical History of Feminism, 1970s until Today 2021–2024
Dennerlein, Bettina, Prof. Dr., Brandenburg, Ulrich, Dr. Fragmented Sovereignties in the Colonial Age: Abd al-Qadir al-Jazairi (1808-1883) and the Making of an “Arab Hero” 2021–2024
Dennerlein, Bettina, Prof. Dr. / Farag, Sarah, Dr. PRO GED – Promoting Gender Equality and Diversity through Shared Knowledge Production 2018–
Dennerlein, Bettina, Prof. Dr. / Berriane, Yasmine, Dr. / Farag, Sarah, Dr. Gender in University and Society (GENiUS) 2017–