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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Institute’s Assembly

The Institutsversammlung (institute’s assembly) consists of the Institute’s professors, the representatives of the different personnel groups (Privatdozenten, Mittelbau [scientific personnel at PhD and Postdoc level], administrative staff [including library and IT]) for each department, the administrative head and the coordinator of studies. The Institute’s assembly nominates the director of the Institute, the administrative head and issues requests on passing or changing the Institutsordnung (the regulations of the institute), all for the attention of the executive board of the University. It prepares decisions and requests in the following areas:

  • development- and finance planning of the Institute; change of the Institute’s name
  • creation, change and abolition of Chairs
  • creation, change and abolition of the Institute
  • approval of visiting fellowships
  • issuing of teaching assignments
  • establishment and closing of study programs
  • establishment and closure of graduate schools
  • establishment and closing of external collaborations

The Institutsversammlung appoints commissions and their members. The Institutsversammlung meets two to three times per semester and has currently 29 permanent members.