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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies URPP Asia and Europe (2006–2017)

Completed Doctoral and Habilitation Theses

In the context of the URPP Asia and Europe, 23 doctoral theses and 6 habilitation theses were completed until 2017.


Person Project Title Project Type Submission
Arn, David From Crime to Illness: Shifts in the Iranian Press Discourse on Drugs (1995–2000) doctorate 2010/10
Böhler, Natalie Made in Thailand: Thainess, Performance and Narration in Contemporary Thai Cinema doctorate 2010/03
Boulos, Samir European-Protestant Missionary Institutions in Egypt: Locations of Cultural Entanglement (1900–1956) doctorate 2012/10
Brandenburg, Ulrich Japan und der Islam 1890–1914: Zwischen globaler Kommunikation und panasiatischer Bewegung doctorate 2017/01
Brozzo, Patrick Marriage in Islamic and Jewish Law: Cultural Diversity and Marital Law doctorate 2015/03
Chammartin, Catherine State-Owned Banks: A Comparative Analysis of State-Owned Banks in China and Switzerland doctorate 2009/12
Coppens, Laura Film Activism in Contemporary Indonesia: Queer Autoethnography, Film Festival Politics, and the Subversion of Heteronormativity doctorate 2014/09
Hetmanczyk, Philipp Begräbnispraxis in China zwischen „Wirtschaftsrationalität“ und „Verschwendung“: Ökonomische Bewertungen von Religion im Kontext von Religionspolitik und Religionstheorie doctorate 2016/04
Hollenbach, Pia The Paradox of Good Intentions: The Biography of Private Giving in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka doctorate 2014/07
Jaguścik, Justyna Literary Body Discourses: Corporeality, Gender and Class Difference in Contemporary Chinese Women’s Poetry and Fiction doctorate 2014/03
Jain, Rohit Between Assimilation, Exoticism and Global Indian Modernity: Transnational Subject-Making of ‚Second Generation Indians’ from Switzerland doctorate 2014/09
Khawari, Aliya The Political Economy of Microfinance doctorate 2015/09
Kosmatopoulos, Nikolas Pacifying Lebanon: Violence, Power and Expertise in the Middle East doctorate 2012/02
Krajnc, Rita Freedom, Individuality, and the Establishment of a Female Artist’s Existence in Mrdula Garg’s Hindi Novel ‘Cittakobra’ (1979) doctorate 2015/02
Lange, Elena The Overcoming of the Subject: Nishida Kitarōs Way to Ideology doctorate 2011/03
Lasater, Phillip The Facets of Fear: Fear of God in Exilic and Post-Exilic Contexts doctorate 2017/03
Linggi, Dominik Trust in Chinese Society: A Critical Contribution to Cross-cultural Social Research doctorate 2010/09
Maduz, Linda Protest during Regime Change: Comparing Three Democratizing Countries in (South-) East Asia, 1985–2005 doctorate 2015/09
Manea, Elham The Arab State and Women’s Rights: The Trap of the Transitional State habilitation 2010/12
Müller, Simone Writers as Intellectuals in Postwar Japan (1945–1972) in the Light of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Concept of Engagement habilitation 2012/03
Nef-Saluz, Claudia Living for the Caliphate: Hizbut Tahrir Student Activism in Indonesia doctorate 2012/09
Rest, Matthäus Water Power: Discourses on Modernity and Development around the Nepalese Arun-3 Hydropower Project doctorate 2014/02
Schäfer, Fabian Medium as Mediation: Media and Media Theory in Japan, 1920–2012 habilitation 2015/12
Seidel, Roman The Reception of Kantian Philosophy in Iran: It’s origins and significance doctorate 2012/02
Suleymanova, Dilyara Schooling the Sense of Belonging: Identity Politics and Educational Change in Post-Soviet Tatarstan doctorate 2013/03
Trakulhun, Sven Asian Revolutions: Conceptions of political change in the Orient, 1644–1818 habilitation 2012/01
Vitale, Marco Das Imperium in Wort und Bild: Römische Darstellungsformen beherrschter Gebiete in Inschriftenmonumenten, Münzprägungen und Literatur habilitation 2016/03
Vitale, Marco Eparchie and Koinon in Asia Minor from the End of the Roman Republic to the Third Century AD doctorate 2010/03
Weber, Ralph Tertium comparationis: Comparative Philosophy and Philosophy of Comparison habilitation 2016/05
Wenner, Miriam Monopolising a Statehood Movement: Gorkhaland between Authoritarian Parties and ‘Aware Citizens’ doctorate 2015/11
Zangger, Andreas Fast Money and Enduring Relationships: Swiss Business in Colonial Singapore and Sumatra, 1860–1930 doctorate 2010/09