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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies URPP Asia and Europe (2006–2017)

University Research Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe

The URPP Asia and Europe (January 2006 to August 2017) was established to promote understanding of the complex interrelationships between Asia and Europe at the intersections of culture, law, religion, and society. With expertise on Asia and Europe from four faculties and fifteen disciplines, the interdisciplinary research structure fostered research that was both timely and innovative. It united a highly motivated body of more than twenty senior scholars and a dynamic group of some thirty funded or associated senior research fellows, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers.

Research at the URPP focused on three thematically and methodologically diverse research fields: „Concepts and Taxonomies“, „Entangled Histories“ and „Norms and Order(s)“.

Starting with the fall semester of 2009, the URPP Asia and Europe was also offering a doctoral program, providing a vibrant academic environment for highly qualified young academics in which to pursue a doctoral degree within an interdisciplinary context. The doctoral program is now affiliated to the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies.