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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies URPP Asia and Europe (2006–2017)

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Research topic: The University Priority Research Program (URPP) Asia and Europe explored relations between the regions of Asia and Europe in historical and contemporary contexts, i.e. the many processes of appropriation and demarcation in culture, religion, law and society, which result from these encounters.

Research structure: The URPP Asia and Europe was an interdisciplinary research structure at the University of Zurich, and its pooling of disciplines and academic knowledge on Asia was unique within Switzerland. It brought together more than twenty professors from fifteen disciplines and four different faculties.

Promotion of junior scholars: The URPP Asia and Europe promoted excellent junior researchers, who explored our research topic in doctoral and post-doctoral projects. They were embedded in a structured PhD-program as well as in one of three research fields.

Public relations: In light of the broadly acknowledged social, political and economic significance of the research topic, we sought to enter into dialogue with the wider public and to share our research results.

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Booklet URPP Asia and Europe (edition 2014)

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