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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies URPP Asia and Europe (2006–2017)

Junior Researchers (2006–2017)

All projects related to Research Field 1, Research Field 2, and Research Field 3

Person Function Subject Project At URPP Degree Submission RF*
Affolter, Joëlle, M.A. doctoral student Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Islamic Movements in Tunisia in Transition 2012–2013     RF3
Alawneh, Yaser G., M.A. doctoral student Legal Studies Implementation and Accountability of State of Palestine as a Non-Member Observer State at the United Nations under the International Human Rights Treaties: A Comparative Study of EU and Palestine 2017–2017     RF3
Alms, Eric, M.A. doctoral student Geography A Political Ecology of Nature Conservation and Sustainable Tourism in Chinese Conservation Areas 2011–2014     RF2
Alnaouq, Motaz, LL.M. Human Rights doctoral student Legal Studies The Right to Life in the Palestinian Society: The Case of the Death Penalty from Comparative Human Rights Perspective 2011–2014     RF3
Amsler, Monika, M.A. doctoral student Religious Studies Purpose and Nature of the Talmudic Medical Units in Tractates Shabbat, Pessachin, Gittin and Avodah Zara 2013     RF1
Arn, David, Dr. doctoral student Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies From Crime to Illness: Shifts in the Iranian Press Discourse on Drugs (1995–2000) 2006–2009 doctorate 2010 RF3
Ateş, Şevket, M.A. doctoral student Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Philosophy in the Turkish Republic: Processes of Philosophical Reception in the Context of Cultural Transformation 2006–2009     RF1
Bentz, Anne-Sophie, Dr. postdoc Political Science India’s Refugee Policies 2011–2012     RF3
Berriane, Yasmine, Dr. senior teaching and research assistant Political Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies Negotiating Land Rights: Gender, Law and Political Change in Morocco 2013–2017     RF3
Bofinger, Martina, M.A. doctoral student Indian Studies Commercial Hindi Movies and their Influence on Hindi as a National Language: A Juxtaposition of Hindi and English 2010–2011     RF2
Böhler, Natalie, Dr. doctoral student Film Studies Made in Thailand: Thainess, Performance and Narration in Contemporary Thai Cinema 2006–2009 doctorate 2010 RF2
Bollo, Sofia, M.A. doctoral student East Asian Art History Reframing Ancient China: A Multi-perspective Study on Neolithic Pottery Displays in Modern Chinese Museums 2013–2017     RF2
Boulos, Samir, Dr. doctoral student Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies European-Protestant Missionary Institutions in Egypt: Locations of Cultural Entanglement (1900–1956) 2008–2011 doctorate 2012 RF2
Brandenburg, Ulrich, Dr., Dipl.-Reg.Wiss. doctoral student Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Japan and Islam 1890–1914: Between Global Communication and Pan-Asianist Movement 2011–2014 doctorate 2023 RF3
Brozzo, Patrick, Dr. doctoral student Legal Studies Marriage in Islamic and Jewish Law: Cultural Diversity and Marital Law 2008–2011 doctorate 2015 RF3
Brütsch, Christian, Dr. postdoc Political Science Transnational Transfer Agents, Labour Rights and Social Policy Reforms in China       RF3
Chammartin, Catherine, Dr.iur., lic.rer.pol. doctoral student Legal Studies State-Owned Banks: A Comparative Analysis of State-Owned Banks in China and Switzerland   doctorate 2009 RF3
Coppens, Laura, Dr. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Film Activism in Contemporary Indonesia: Queer Autoethnography, Film Festival Politics, and the Subversion of Heteronormativity 2009–2012 doctorate 2014 RF2
Delfs, Tobias, M.A. doctoral student History Lifeworlds of Protestant Missionaries in India (1770–1813) 2009–2010     RF2
Eisner, Rivka, Dr. postdoc Performance Studies Performance Avant-Gardes: Memory Cultures, Contemporary Arts, and Social Change in Vietnam       RF2
Fichtner-Egloff, Jeanne, Dr. doctoral student East Asian Art History Kindai bijutsu: The Reception of Western Concepts of Art in Japan around the Year 1900 2011–2014 doctorate 2017 RF2
Ganser, Elisa, Dr. postdoc Indian Studies The Place of Art in Indian Religious Thought: On the Soteriological Value of Acting, Singing and Dancing in Abhinavagupta’s Work and Beyond 2014–2015     RF1
Hamid, Amir, M.A. doctoral student Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies On Bodies, Books and Hypertext: Mediating Islamic Norms of Gender and Religious Violence in the Transnational Arab Public Sphere 2010–2013     RF3
Hetmanczyk, Philipp, Dr. doctoral student Religious Studies Begräbnispraxis in China zwischen „Wirtschaftsrationalität“ und „Verschwendung“: Ökonomische Bewertungen von Religion im Kontext von Religionspolitik und Religionstheorie 2010–2013 doctorate 2016 RF1
Hirt, Alfred, Dr. postdoc History Zwischen Orient und Okzident: Die kulturelle Transformation Phönikiens (1000 v.Chr. – 500 n.Chr.) 2008–2009     RF2
Hollenbach, Pia, Dr. doctoral student Geography The Paradox of Good Intentions: The Biography of Private Giving in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka 2008–2011 doctorate 2014 RF3
Holm, Fynn, M.A. doctoral student History Nation-building and Whaling in Northeast Japan 2015     RF3
Hördegen, Zhanna, Dr. postdoc Legal Studies Legal and Political Integration in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 2010–2013     RF3
Hotz, Sandra, Dr. postdoc Legal Studies Immorality and Private Autonomy in Contract Law: A Comparative Research Project to Balance Freedom of Contract and Control in Europe and Japan Exemplified by Contracts Regarding Prostitution, Surrogate Motherhood and Marriage 2006–2009     RF3
Indraccolo, Lisa, Dr. postdoc Chinese Studies Debate Arena: Argumentation and Persuasion in Warring States Philosophical Discourse 2011–2014     RF1
Isabaeva, Eliza, M.A. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Social Citizenship from Below and the Making of State in Kyrgyzstan: Migrants Making a Living in the Squatter Settlements of Bishkek 2011–2014     RF3
Jaguścik, Justyna, Dr. doctoral student Chinese Studies Literary Body Discourses: Corporeality, Gender and Class Difference in Contemporary Chinese Women’s Poetry and Fiction 2009–2012 doctorate 2014 RF2
Jain, Rohit, Dr. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Between Assimilation, Exoticism and Global Indian Modernity: Transnational Subject-Making of ‚Second Generation Indians’ from Switzerland 2007–2010 doctorate 2014 RF2
Kelegama, Thiruni, M.A. doctoral student Geography Anxious Integration: Development in Sri Lanka’s Post-War Frontier 2013–2016     RF3
Khawari, Aliya, Dr. doctoral student Political Science The Political Economy of Microfinance 2009–2011 doctorate 2015 RF3
Kosmatopoulos, Nikolas, Dr. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Pacifying Lebanon: Violence, Power and Expertise in the Middle East 2007–2010 doctorate 2012 RF3
Krajnc, Rita, Dr. doctoral student Indian Studies Freedom, Individuality, and the Establishment of a Female Artist’s Existence in Mrdula Garg’s Hindi Novel ‘Cittakobra’ (1979) 2008–2011 doctorate 2015 RF2
Kreil, Aymon, Dr. postdoc Anthropology Locating Trust in Cairo: Security, State, and Neighbourhood Politics 2013–2015     RF3
Lanckau, Jörg, Prof. Dr. postdoc Theology Constructions and Transformations of Judaism in the Hellenistic Period 2008–2011     RF2
Lange, Elena, Dr. doctoral student Japanese Studies The Overcoming of the Subject: Nishida Kitarōs Way to Ideology 2009–2010 doctorate 2011 RF1
Lasater, Phillip, Dr. doctoral student Theology The Facets of Fear: Fear of God in Exilic and Post-Exilic Contexts 2011–2014 doctorate 2017 RF1
Leach, Robert, Dr. postdoc Indian Studies Taxomies of Religious and Philosophical Knowledge in Classical Sanskrit Literature 2012–2014     RF1
Leung, Virginia Yee-Yarn, M.A. doctoral student Chinese Studies Coming of Age in Hong Kong: A Study of a Colonial Literary Field in the 1950s 2012–2013     RF2
Linggi, Dominik, Dr. doctoral student Sociology Trust in Chinese Society: A Critical Contribution to Cross-cultural Social Research 2006–2009 doctorate 2010 RF3
Löschke, Ayaka, M.A. doctoral student Japanese Studies Advocacy of the Japanese Civil Society after Fukushima: The “National Network of Parents to Protect Children from Radiation” as a Case Study 2013–2016     RF3
Lukicheva, Polina, M.A. doctoral student Chinese Studies The Concepts of Space and Methods of Composition in the Chinese Literati’ Theories of Art in the Seventeenth Century 2014–2016 doctorate 2022 RF1
Maduz, Linda, Dr. des. doctoral student Political Science Protest during Regime Change: Comparing Three Democratizing Countries in (South-) East Asia, 1985–2005 2009–2012 doctorate 2015 RF3
Manea, Elham, PD Dr. postdoc Political Science The Arab State and Women’s Rights: The Trap of the Transitional State 2006–2009 habilitation 2010 RF3
Marseglia, Nathalie, lic.phil. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Lebende Staatsschätze: Über den Wert handwerklichen Schaffens am Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts, mit Fokus auf die japanische Keramik 2014–2016     RF2
Mittmann, Christoph, M.A. doctoral student Japanese Studies Yamagata Bantō’s Yume no shiro: An Attempt to Reorganize the Knowledge Available to Japan 2013     RF1
Müller, Ralf, Dr. postdoc Japanese Studies Zen and Japanese Philosophy: Dōgen’s Importance to the Kyōto School 2010–2011     RF1
Müller, Simone, PD Dr. postdoc Japanese Studies Writers as Intellectuals in Postwar Japan (1945–1972) in the Light of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Concept of Engagement 2006–2009 habilitation 2012 RF1
Müller, Urs , Dr. postdoc Geography Overcoming the Nature-Culture Dualism?: Notions of Nature and Nature Protection in Model Regions for Integrated “Nature Conservation“ 2007–2009     RF2
Nef-Saluz, Claudia, Dr. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Living for the Caliphate: Hizbut Tahrir Student Activism in Indonesia 2007–2011 doctorate 2012 RF2
Ohm, Britta, Dr. postdoc Social and Cultural Anthropology The Meaning of Turkey: Negotiations of the Secular and the Islamic on Commercial Turkish Television 2008–2009     RF2
Rageth, Nina, M.A. doctoral student Religious Studies Medicine and Religion: ‘Traditional Tamil Medicine‘ in the Context of Religious Institutions 2014–2017     RF3
Rest, Matthäus, Dr. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Water Power: Discourses on Modernity and Development around the Nepalese Arun-3 Hydropower Project 2009–2012 doctorate 2014 RF3
Schäfer, Fabian, Prof. Dr. senior teaching and research assistant Japanese Studies Medium as Mediation: Media and Media Theory in Japan, 1920–2012 2012–2013 habilitation 2015 RF3
Schneider, Marcel, M.A. doctoral student Chinese Studies Transition through Tradition: The Battle for Defensable Orders at the Dawn of Imperial China 2016–2017     RF1
Seidel, Roman, Dr. doctoral student Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies The Reception of Kantian Philosophy in Iran: It’s origins and significance 2009–2011 doctorate 2012 RF1
Serbaeva, Olga, Dr. postdoc Indian Studies Translating the Non-Evident: “Altered States of Consciousness” in Vidyapitha Tantras and in Western Transcreations of “Tantrism” 2007–2010     RF1
Sievert, Henning, Dr. postdoc Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Libyen im späten 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert: Wissen, Vermittlung und politische Kommunikation       RF2
Singh, Vijay, lic.iur. doctoral student Legal Studies Developments in Indian Copyright 2006–2007     RF3
Sivaganesan, Anusooya, M Law doctoral student Legal Studies Forced to Marry – A Human Rights’ Violation within its Euro-Asian Entanglements: Unfree Marriages from a Multi-Country Perspective Exemplified by Switzerland, Great Britain, Holland, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Turkey 2014–2017     RF2
Suleymanova, Dilyara, Dr. doctoral student Social and Cultural Anthropology Schooling the Sense of Belonging: Identity Politics and Educational Change in Post-Soviet Tatarstan 2009–2011 doctorate 2013 RF3
Trakulhun, Sven, Prof. Dr. assistent professor History Asian Revolutions: Conceptions of political change in the Orient, 1644–1818 2008–2014 habilitation 2012 RF2
Trüper, Henning, PD Dr. postdoc History The Grammar of Modernity: Inquiries into the History of 19th and early 20th Century Oriental Philology 2009–2011 habilitation 2018 RF2
Vandenreydt, Sarah, lic.phil. doctoral student Religious Studies Buddhism between Philosophy and Religion 1875–1900: Discourse and Social Dynamics in England as Evidenced in the Texts of F.M. Müller, H.P. Blavatsky and A.P. Sinnett 2009–2010     RF1
Vetrov, Viatcheslav, Dr. postdoc Chinese Studies Reincarnated Conceptuality: The Other Life of Western Philosophy in the Work of Hu Shi 胡適 (1891–1962) and Qian Zhongshu 錢鍾書 (1910–1998) 2010–2013     RF1
Vitale, Marco, PD Dr. doctoral student History Eparchie and Koinon in Asia Minor from the End of the Roman Republic to the Third Century AD 2006–2009 doctorate 2010 RF2
von Wyss-Giacosa, Paola, Dr. postdoc Social and Cultural Anthropology Pictorial Ethnography of Religion in European Publications on Asia 2007–2010     RF1
Weaver, James, Dr. postdoc Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Organising Disagreement in the Long Ninth Century: On the Use of the Term ‘iḫtilāf’ in the ʿAbbāsid Period 2012–2013     RF1
Weber, Ralph, Prof. Dr. senior teaching and research assistant Philosophy Constructions of Political Modernity in Contemporary Chinese Political Thought 2008–2009     RF1
Weber, Ralph, Prof. Dr. senior teaching and research assistant Philosophy Zur Kritik neuerer konfuzianischer Gerechtigkeitstheorien 2008–2014 habilitation 2016 RF1
Weiss, Tobias, M.A. doctoral student Japanese Studies “Fukushima” in Japan: Media System, Networks and Framing 2012–2015     RF3
Wenner, Miriam, Dr. doctoral student Geography Monopolising a Statehood Movement: Gorkhaland between Authoritarian Parties and “Aware Citizens” 2010–2013 doctorate 2015 RF2
Wu, Helena, M.Phil. doctoral student Chinese Studies (Re-)Configurations of Place, Person and Thing in Hong Kong Cinema and Literature after the Millennium 2013–2016     RF2
Wujastyk, Dagmar, Dr. postdoc Indian Studies When the Vaidya Met the Doctor: Medical Exchanges in 17th–19th Century India and the Reimagining of a Great Medical Tradition 2011–2014     RF2
Zangger, Andreas, Dr. doctoral student History Fast Money and Enduring Relationships: Swiss Business in Colonial Singapore and Sumatra, 1860–1930 2006–2009 doctorate 2010 RF2
Zank, Dinah, M.A. doctoral student East Asian Art History Divine Mothers Across Borders of National Identities: Japanese-Indian Artistic Exchanges in Early Twentieth-Century Buddhist Paintings and the Reception of the British Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood’s Concept of ‚Spirituality’ and ‚Sensitivity’ 2011–2014     RF2
Zhuang, Yue, Dr. postdoc Architectural History Matteo Ripa’s “Views of Jehol”: Entangled Histories of 18th Century European and Chinese Landscape Representations 2011–2013     RF2

* Research Field