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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies URPP Asia and Europe (2006–2017)

Assembly of Participating Professors


Professors and assistant professors of the University of Zurich, titular professors and and private lecturers of the university of Zurich, speakers of the three URPP research fields, professors emeriti of the university of Zurich (without a vote), executive director (advisory vote), one representative of the URPP PhD students and one representative of the URPP postdocs (with vote, except decisions on positions and extensions of positions).


  • consulting and decision on the academic program
  • consulting and decision on PhD and postdoc positions
  • consulting and decision on the extension of PhD and postdoc positions
  • decision-making on general issues of great importance concerning the strategic orientation of the research program and its funding instruments
  • promulgation of regulations (rules of procedure, regulations of the PhD program, etc.) at the request of the executive committee, consisting of the PhD program's study committee, and subject to approval by the university board.
  • election of the director and other members of the executive committee
  • decision on the acceptance of new participating professors


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