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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Culture, Subjectivity and Neoliberalism


Prof. Dr. Rosalind Gill

Datum und Zeit

14. November 2016, 18:15–20:00


Asien-Orient-Institut, Universität Zürich, RAA E 12, Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zürich


Neoliberalism has become one of the key terms for analysis of the
current era. In the West the notion has become virtually hegemonic,
whilst it is increasingly applied in Russia, China, and parts of Asia and
Africa. The understanding of neoliberalism that circulates widely is
one which regards it in political and economic terms as remaking ‘all
aspects of existence in economic terms’ and in doing so ‘quietly
undoing… democracy’ (Brown, 2015: 17). A number of writers have
commented on the extraordinary resilience of neoliberalism – what
Colin Crouch has called its ‘strange non-death’ – and its ability to
colonise more and more diverse spheres of existence. Despite this
there have been few attempts to think about neoliberalism in cultural
terms. In this talk Prof. Gill will be looking at cultural
neoliberalization, drawing on examples from a range of different sites
and studies. She argues that we have to consider neoliberalism as
simultaneously a political and economic phenomenon but also one
that is reshaping culture, affect and subjectivity in profoundly
important ways.


Asien‐Orient‐Institut – Gender Studies