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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Guest Lectures 2016

News list

  • Brief Overview of the Japanese Whaling History: With Some Notes on the Current Status of Japanese Whaling and Relevant Scientific Activities to Stock Managements

  • Culture, Subjectivity and Neoliberalism

  • Democracy and elections in North India

  • A Cultural History of The Manchu Script: Lists, Grids, and Metal Type in China and Europe, 1680s-1780s

  • Western Understanding of the Yantra and the Mandala: The Work of Heinrich Zimmer and its Influence on C. G. Jung

    Dr. Giovanni Sorge (C.G. Jung-Institute, Zurich-Küsnacht)

  • Japan, Islam, and the Turkic World

    Prof. Dr. Ali Merthan Dündar (Ankara University)

  • Korrektur der Begriffe: Politik, Staat und Gesetz im Diskurs des chinesischen «Legalismus»

    Prof. Dr. Kai Vogelsang (University of Hamburg)

  • Hinduistische Priesterinnen in Pune

    Prof. Dr. Ute Hüsken (Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo)

  • In a Different Voice? The Appointment of Women Judges in Egypt and Morocco

    Dr. Nadia Sonneveld (Radboud University, Nijmegen)

  • Von guten und von schlechten Träumen: Zum Traummotiv in der buddhistischen Literatur des japanischen Mittelalters

    Prof. Dr. Jörg Quenzer (University of Hamburg)

  • The Historical Models for Violent Solutions in Maoist China and After

    Prof. Dr. Barend Ter Haar (Shaw Professor of Chinese, University of Oxford)

  • First-Millennium Chinese Mathematical Literature as a Case Study in Polysemy and Semantic Drift

    Dr. Daniel P. Morgan (Université Paris Diderot)