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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies


Offerings for Doctoral Studies

All five subjects of the Institut for Asian and Oriental Studies (AOI) have a doctoral level teaching program within the framework of the general doctorate or doctoral programs.

The AOI offers doctoral students a theoretically, methodologically, and thematically comprehensive research environment, which gives students the opportunity for intellectual growth and international collaboration.

Within the framework of the AOI, doctoral studies can take place in the following research areas represented at the institute:

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programs at the IAOS (PVO 2009)

PLEASE NOTE: These programs will be closed by Spring 2023

General Doctorate in Cooperation

Doctoral Programs in Cooperation (PVO 2009)

PLEASE NOTE: These programs will be closed by Spring 2023

Administration, Guidance, Information, Support

Starting from 2019 doctoral candidates will be ministered and guided by the Doktoral Commissioners of their discipline at the Graduate School at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Graduate School is the organizational and administrative umbrella for all PhD subjects offered by the University of Zurich Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Please contact the responsible doctoral coordinator there regarding questions about admission, graduation, financial aids, grades, support in the case of conflict etc.

All information, forms, program regulations regarding the doctoral degree (admission, graduation, grades etc.) you will find at the websites of the Graduate School.

The Graduate Campus of the UZH provides PhD candidates and Postdocs with a wide range of information, course offerings and sponsorship.

Assistance with immigration formalities, entry and arrival, house hunting and various other organisational matters and challenges is offered by the International Scholars Center.

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Earning a PhD at the UZH

All important information for doctoral students and prospective candidates at one glance: From Administration, Admission, Adresses, Advisory Services, Application, Booking Modules, Career, Communication, Continuing Education, Course Catalogue, Dates, Disciplines, Employement Opportunities, Finances, Information, IT, Mobility, Networking, Organizational Information, Prospects, Programs, Research Integrity, Semester Enrollment, Services to University Live.

Earning a PhD at the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

General Doctorate: Prospective candidates are asked to contact the responsible Professors introducing their PhD project.
Doctoral programs: Prospective candidates will find all important information about application and admission on the homepage of the respective program.
General information is offered by the Doctoral Commissioner of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies at the Graduate School of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.