TOCFL – 華語文測驗

Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language  (TOCFL)

Test date:

18 June 2021, 10:00


University of Zurich

The exact location of the tests will be announced here after the registration deadline.

Registration deadline:

20 May 2021

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Band A-C

The TOCFL test is divided into three bands (A,B,C) and six levels (1-6). The examinees can choose the test levels best suited to their Chinese language proficiency.  The full score is 80. The test takes approximately 120 minutes. 

 Bands  Levels  CERF  Vocabulary  Passing score
 Band A  Level 1 入門級  A1  500  41
   Level 2 基礎級  A2  1000  60
 Band B  Level 3 進階級  B1  2500  46
   Level 4 高階級  B2  5000  61
 Band C  Level 5 流利級  C1  8000  50
   Level 6 精通級  C2    61