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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Continuing Education

The Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies offers two continuing education programs:

CAS in Gesellschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft Ostasiens

Der Studiengang vermittelt ein fundiertes Verständnis über die Region Ostasien aus komparativer Perspektive. Geographisch liegen die Länder Japan, China, Taiwan und die koreanische Halbinsel im Fokus. Inhaltlich befasst sich der Studiengang mit zentralen Fragestellungen zu den Themen Gesellschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft der Gegenwart unter Berücksichtigung der geschichtlichen und kulturellen Grundlagen. Eine (fakultative) Exkursion dient der Vertiefung ausgewählter Themen vor Ort.

Weitere Informationen und Kontakt:
Universität Zürich
Dr. Stefania Lottanti von Mandach
Zürichbergstrasse 4
8032 Zürich
+41 (0)44 634 40 91

Free Online Course: Asian Environmental Humanities - Landscapes in Transition


In this course, featuring many researchers from the University of Zurich and international institutions, we will introduce you to some of the most vibrant cultural trends addressing landscape appreciation, degradation, protection, and rehabilitation that currently circulate in the Asian hemisphere. You will learn about concepts of landscape in Asian religions, philosophy, social sciences, history and the arts and their reverberation in selected environmental projects in China, India and Japan. Furthermore, we will discuss how they are critically reflected upon in the context of the environmental humanities, and observe how an interdisciplinary approach towards regional ecosystems past and present reaches out beyond pragmatic technological solutions to mitigate environmental damage. Following us on our different paths and trajectories through the five modules of the course, you will encounter many of the reasons why environmental humanities study projects which strive to change people’s prevalent attitudes, values and behavioural patterns in order to redeem the rapidly globalizing crisis, and how they go about it.

Asian Environmental Humanities - Landscapes in Transition

Media Arabic Webclass

Good command of Media Arabic is an essential prerequisite not only for researchers on Arab World related topics but also for practitioners in the field. The Asia-Orient-Institute offers an intensive course to meet the needs of PhD students, scholars, journalists, diplomats, etc. with a sound theoretical knowledge of Standard Arabic, but no time to follow conventional language training. In this webclass, we will improve your listening comprehension of TV report and talk shows.

Media Arabic Webclass