Continuing Education

The Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies offers two continuing education programs:

CAS Language Didactics Arabic/Chinese/Japanese

The Certificate of Advanced Studies  „Language Didactics Arabic“, „Language Didactics Chinese“ or „Language Didactics Japanese“ enables graduates of language-specific MA-Programs, to aquire a theoretically solid qualification in language didactics which enables the participants to teach in the respective target language. The CAS is offered upon request. 

Universität Zürich
Dr. Daniela Tan
Zürichbergstrasse 4
8032 Zürich
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CAS language didactics Arabic

CAS language didactics Chinese

CAS language didactics Japanese

Media Arabic Webclass

Good command of Media Arabic is an essential prerequisite not only for researchers on Arab World related topics but also for practitioners in the field. The Asia-Orient-Institute offers an intensive course to meet the needs of PhD students, scholars, journalists, diplomats, etc. with a sound theoretical knowledge of Standard Arabic, but no time to follow conventional language training. In this webclass, we will improve your listening comprehension of TV report and talk shows.

Media Arabic Webclass