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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Taiwan Film Series: From Taiwanese Queer Cinema to LGBT Rights: Yang Ya-che's Girlfriend, Boyfriend (2012)

Date and Time

November 05, 2020, 6 pm

The Movie

In the 1980s, Taiwan is still under Martial Law, and people are locked in the battle to have it lifted; a social revolution is set to take off. Mabel (Kwai Lun-mei), Liam (Joseph Chang), and Aaron (Rhydian Vaughn) throw themselves into the fight for freedom: they paint graffiti slogans on the walls of their school and plan a protest during the morning assembly. “When you wake up, Taiwan will no longer be the same,” they are told, but the awakening is not merely one from a political slumber or even a romantic one. It is the rise of a whole new generation of Taiwanese, reared on graffiti and 80s rock.

2012 Taipei Film Awards: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Press Award
2012 Golden Horse Awards: Best Leading Actress, Audience Choice Award

Please note

The film will be made available online. To get the link, please register with <> before November 4.


The event has been co-organized by the Taiwan Studies Project and the Department of Chinese Studies (IAOS) at the University of Zurich.