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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

SAGS Conference 2021: Women's Suffrage and Democracy Today: Critique, Memory, Visions

November 26–27, 2021, University of Zurich


The occasion and backdrop of the conference in 2021 is the 50th anniversary of Swiss women’s right to vote, introduced in 1971. The conference tackles the theme of «women’s suffrage and democracy» from a democracy and gender theoretical, intersectional and postcolonial perspective with a focus on both Switzerland and the situation in other countries and contexts. First, we are interested in critical analyses of concepts of democracy, political participation, and citizenship regarding their inclusions and exclusions. A second emphasis lies on historic and current manifestations of memory cultures in relation to denied and hard-won political rights in Switzerland and worldwide. Finally, attention will be devoted to contributions focusing on envisioning gender-just societies and politics as well as conceptions of comprehensive political rights and political participation in society. We will consider submissions from all disciplines that engage with one or several key aspects of the conference theme.

Organizing Committee

Dominique Grisard, Sabine Kradolfer, Lea Küng, Andrea Maihofer, Katrin Meyer, Katharina Pelzelmayer, Stephanie Pfenninger, Yunna Skliarova

Conference fees & payment details

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Swiss Association for Gender Studies (SAGS)

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Conference fees & payment details

The following conference fees apply for participation in the conference:


- Students and unemployed (at their own discretion)
- SAGS members (CHF 50)
- Part-time earners (CHF 60)
- Full-time earners (CHF 100)
- Benefactors (CHF 150)


Please use the following payment details for the transfer of the conference fees by 24 November 2021 at the latest (no fees for actively involved participants):


PostFinance AG
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern
Account No.: 15-788267-0
IBAN: CH06 0900 0000 1578 8267 0
Beneficiary: Rechnungswesen der Universität Zürich