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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Harry Potter - An Interdisciplinary Workshop on a Multidimensional Transmedia Phenomenon

International Workshop, Thursday, September 15 till Saturday, September 17, 2022


University of Zurich, Raum AFL-E-003, Affolternstrasse 56, 8050 Zürich


The number of participants is very limited. Therefore we ask for a short written application.

Please send an email to Natalie Borsy with the following information:

  • Name, subject combination, current study status (BA/MA, current study semester)
  • Do you intend to participate in the entire workshop? YES/Duration of participation
  • A short explanation of why you want to participate (2-3 sentences)

Application Deadline: August 30, 2022.


Harry Potter has, over the years, expanded into a global transmedia phenomenon that encompasses films, video games, pen and paper role-playing games (PRG), theme parks, cookery, and craft books, a new form of sport, and countless hypertextual engagements with the texts. Their impact can be traced on a large spectrum ranging from person (autobiographic) narratives to wider contemporary discourses on power abuse and transphobia.

The workshop will approach this multidimensional phenomenon in a likewise interdisciplinary, multi-methodological fashion which will help participants involved to explore, test, and broaden their respective theoretical and methodological repertoires (and hopefully have fun in the process). This workshop will have a strong focus on participatory culture and is decidedly experimental. It will deal with some neglected areas, such as ethical, new-materialist, and material-aesthetic engagements with the Harry Potter series and some of its human and also non-human agents.

Keynote Lectures

Dr. Jennifer Duggan (University of South-Eastern Norway)

Dr. Hannah McGregor (Simon Fraser University, Canada)


ISEK - Popular Culture Studies

English Department

Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies - Chinese Studies