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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

AOI LECTURE: When is the Postcolonial Imperial?


Shu-mei Shih (Edward.W. Said Professor of Comparative Literature, University of California, Los Angeles)

Date and Time

Thursday, 10 March 2022, 6 - 8 pm

Online Event on Zoom, kindly register here.


Even though U.S. academy-based postcolonial theory has its roots in theories born of the decolonization struggles of the so-called global 60s, its world-wide dissemination has led to various appropriations and misappropriations since the 1990s. This lecture addresses the question of postcolonial theory in the global context to tease out the moments of transference between the postcolonial and the imperial, a transference that ultimately reveals the limits of postcolonial theory in the face of structural racism and settler colonialism.



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