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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Genevieve England

Genevieve England

  • Teaching and Research Assistant Indian Studies
  • PhD-Candidate
Room number
RAA H-26

Academic Biography


2014 - 2017

BA in Anthropology & Development Studies – School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

2020 - 2022

MSc in Social Anthropology – London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London

2022 – Present

Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the Chair of Modern Indian/South Asian Studies at the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Research Interests

Social inequality, Value theory, Financialisation, Debt, Labour, Temporality.

PhD projekt

Preliminary title: Supplying Labour, Quelling Demands: ‘Maistries’, Factory Work and Migration on the North to South Trail to the Tamil Nadu Textile Belt

Key Words: Textile Industry, Migration,Labour Brokers, Global Production Lines, CSR, Migration, Labour, Debt