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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies


Three collective focus-points to our work are being pursued at the Chair of Gender Studies.  These combine our individual research interests and also facilitate networking and collaboration within Gender Studies and Islamic/Area Studies more widely. The focus-point Gender-Culture-Difference interrogates how, in an increasingly globalized world, gender becomes the object of political intervention and contested culturally inflected representations. The focus point (Re)constructing Sex concentrates on the question of how the various forms of biological, psychological and social constructions of sex and gender function alongside one another and/or interact. One of the goals of this focus point is to encourage dialogue between the disciplines concerned: Biology, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, as well as Social Sciences and the Humanities. The third focus point, Religion and Politics, addresses itself to the diverse connections between these domains from a comparative historical and regional perspective. Secularization and religion are understood within this framework as mutually enmeshed historical phenomena..

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