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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

EASL Conference 2016

Thirty-Sixth Annual Conference Zurich, September 7th-9th 2016

This year’s conference will be held at the Asien-Orient-Institut (AOI) of the University of Zurich. Venue will be the "aula" of the building where parts of the Asien-Orient-Institute (Eastasia Western library, libraries of indological, islamic and gender studies, offices) are located (Room number RAA-G-01), Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zürich Instead of a map we provide the following link to an overview of the university's area: Map of the university area. Look for RAA (Venue) and ZUB (Chinese library). KOL stands for the main building, north of the venue.

General Information

Switzerland is part of Schengen. Visitors from outside Europe (i.e. from China) need to apply for a visa. Currency The Swiss currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF); many places (restaurants, shops) do accept Euro, return money will be in Swiss Francs. Wifi Almost all the Zurich hotels offer free Wifi. Zurich University has free wifi. The system that can be used is eduroam. Please, check your configuration at your local university. We can also arrange guest accounts for internet access for those without eduroam during our meeting. Travel to Zurich Arriving by plane: the airport is not far from the city. There are trains running very frequently to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) in the centre of Zurich. There also is the tram no. 10, conveniently driving to the area of the universities, downtown righthand riverside and the main train station. Arriving by train: the main train station is situated in the centre of Zurich. Travel in Zurich Distances in Zurich are small. The university's main building lies in central Zurich, overlooking the old town and the river. The AOI (as many other institutes and seminars) is situated near the main building. The net of public transport (trams, buses, trains, ships) is extremely good and well organized (tickets can be used for all the different vessels), but not cheap. Warning: Taxis are very expensive. Weather In September the weather in Switzerland usually is nice and stable. Nevertheless, evenings tend to be cool. Rainy days are of course possible. For a reliable weather forecast cf. SEARCH.CH or METEO

Sechsunddreissigste EASL-Konferenz, 7.-9. September 2016

Die Asien-Orient-Bibliothek - China des Asien-Orient-Instituts hat die Ehre, 2016 die Jahreskonferenz der European Association of Sinological Librarians (EASL) auszurichten. Wie in vergangenen Jahren wird sich die Jahreskonferenz mit spezifischen Problemen chinesischsprachiger Bibliotheken beschäftigen, Erfahrungen austauschen, und die neuesten Produkte zur Kenntnisse nehmen, welche professionelle Anbieter vorstellen werden. Schweizer Bibliotheken, welche chinesischsprachige Bestände beherbergen sind herzlich eingeladen, Veranstaltungen der Konferenz zu besuchen. Für etwaige Anfragen wenden sich interessierte Kolleginnen und Kollegen bitte an die Chinesischsprachige Sammlung.


欧洲汉学图书馆员协会 (European Association of Sinological Librarians, EASL) 成立于1981年,主要宗旨在于促进欧洲汉学图书馆之间的信息交流与互相合作。该会会员来自欧洲二十余国的国家级图书馆以及高等院校附属汉学图书馆。 该协会每年在不同国家召开大会。经全体会员一致表决通过,第三十六届大会将由瑞士苏黎世大学东方研究院汉学系中文图书馆主办,于2016年9月7-9日在瑞士苏黎世大学东方学院举行。预计将有50人以上前来参会。大会场地和设备将由苏黎世大学提供。

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