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Archive and Gender


International Workshop

Archive and Gender: Views from the Maghreb


Rabat, March 14-16, 2019

Venue: NIMAR-University of Leiden and Mohammed V University in Rabat



Conveners: Khalid Ben-Srhir (Mohammed V University in Rabat/Hesperis); Yasmine Berriane (Centre Maurice Halbwachs/CNRS, Paris); Léon Buskens (NIMAR-University of Leiden); Bettina Dennerlein (University of Zurich); Yamina El Kirat (Mohammed V University in Rabat); Sarah Farag (University of Zurich)


The international, interdisciplinary workshop “Archive and Gender” invites the critical exploration of the productivity of gender as an analytical category across different fields of North African history by focusing on the theme of archives. More precisely, it aims at studying archives not only as a source of information about gendered social and representational regimes, but also as an object of inquiry in itself. We thus suggest exploring how gender shapes the making of archives – private as well as public, written as well as oral – and how, in turn, archives contribute to constructions of gender. To this end, the workshop will examine mechanisms of selection and classification of sources, archive building, dominant historiographical methods and hegemonic interpretative paradigms, as well as broader issues of cultural canonization within and beyond academia. The intention is to contribute to the historiographical renewal that has been encouraged by more recent developments in the region, as well as to the continuing goal of promoting issues of gender equality.


The workshop brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplinary fields in order to explore new approaches to studying the issue of gender and the making of archives.


Languages: English, French, Arabic


Organising Committee: Yasmine Berriane, Bettina Dennerlein, Yamina El Kirat, Sarah Farag



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