Olga Serbaeva Saraogi

Olga Serbaeva Saraogi, Dr.

Library Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies – South Asia

Academic Associate Indian Studies

Phone: +41 44 634 22 81

Room number: RAA H-03d


Research Interests

  • Śaiva Tantric texts
  • Yoginīs
  • Conceptualisation of the feminine in Indian traditions
  • The transcreations of Indian concepts related to altered states of consciousness in contemporary Europe

Habilitation Project

Habilitation Project of Olga Serbaeva, Post-Doc USFP Asien und Europa USFP Asien und Europa

Translating the Non-Evident: "Altered States of Consciousness" in Vidyāpītha Tantras and in Western Transcreations of "Tantrism"

Habilitation Project Serbaeva (PDF, 160 KB)