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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

General Information on the Gender Studies Doctoral Program

Important Information:

The interdisciplinary Gender Studies Doctoral Program (DoPro Gender Studies) at UZH is intended for doctoral students from a participating discipline who are working on a thesis with a thematic and / or systemic focus on gender.

While the Doctoral Program does not itself fund the doctorate, students can apply for UZH scholarships at: as well as the corresponding Swiss national scholarship programs such as the SNF: The program reimburses only a limited scope of expenses for travel costs in the course of doctoral thesis research.

Doctoral students participating in the program acquire the specialised theoretical and methodological knowledge within the field of international gender studies pertinent to their respective research interest. Events organised by the DoPro Gender Studies are held in both English and German.

Goals of the Gender Studies Doctoral Program

  • Specialised training in Gender Studies and systematic advancement of the dissertation
  • Intensive subject-specific and interdisciplinary supervision and support of projects
  • Participation in and shaping of the collaborative research environment
  • Scholarly cooperation and exchange with the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Basel
  • International cooperation with the Graduate Schools of the Free University of Berlin and the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Collaborative publications
  • Completion of the dissertation in 3-4 years

What does the Gender Studies Doctoral Program offer?

  • Structured curriculum leading to the acquisition of 30 ECTS
  • Integration into a national and international research context
  • Active and independent co-shaping of the program (incl. colloquia, workshops with experts, planning and implementing of conferences, publications)
  • Interaction with experts
  • Financial support (incl. attendance at summer schools, retreats, colloquia)
  • Individual coaching; assistance with funding applications
  • Acquisition and development of diverse soft skills
  • Attractive and inspiring research environment

Futher information for interested doctoral students:

  • For further information on the Ph.D. in Gender Studies, please contact the coordinator Milena Guthörl

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