New Acquisitions

Since April 2013 users of the library can view the new acquisitions of any part of the library with the aid of a simple OPAC search. In the Recherche-portal ( enter a search query containing the appropriate identification code (UOASA, UOASC, UOASJ or UOASK) and the desired time-period, followed by an *. So, for new acquisitions pertaining to East Asia in European languages (code UOASA) in April 2016, enter UOASA201604*; for new acquisitions pertaining to South Asia, UOINDO201604*, etc.

The query can be further refined through the entry of Boolean operators. The following examples are here as suggestions:

  • UOASC201604* AND local history
  • UOASC201604* AND dialects (Chinese Library, dialectological works)
  • UOASA2016* AND Literature (Literature in the East Asia Library, 2016)
  • UOASJ2016* AND "京都" (Japanese Library, books about, from or on Kyoto)
  • UOASC201604* AND 老子 (Chinese Library, books in April 2013 concerning Laozi)