East Asia in European Languages

East Asia in European Languages (UOASA)

Location: Rämistrasse 59, 1st floor

The holdings on East Asia in European languages (formerly, “abendländische Bibliothek”) have been housed at Rämistr. 59 since Summer 2015. They comprise more than 46’000 volumes and 450 periodicals concerning China, with a focus point on the humanities. IN the online catalogue, it is possible to search for bilingual titles only in Pinyin. Bilingual books, such as dictionaries, language -teaching material a.o. are included in these holdings. They are often indexed only in transliteration (Pinyin). It is necessary to search by deaggregated word-search (syllable by syllable), i..e. Xin han de ci dian and not Xin hande cidian

East Asia Journals

Location: Zürichbergstrasse 4, Basement

The journal holding related to East Asia are to be found in the basement of Zürichbergstrasse 4 (in original and European languages). For access to the journal holdings, please contact the responsible library staff (offices on the second floor in Zürichbergstrasse 4).