Location Catalog and Classification System

Older bibliographic records can be viewed by keyword from the list «Sachbegriffe UORI»; newer bibliographic records by keyword from the list «Schlagwort GND». The holdings of the department are arranged according to a finely organised classification system (see list as a pdf in the right-hand column). The major groups are:

A General Works
B Linguistics (general, Semitics, Arabic, Persian, Turkish)
C Hispanics
D Linguistics (other languages)
E Geography
F Ethnography
G Gender Studies
H History
J Sociology, Economics
K Literature
L Biographies
M The Religion of Islam, Koran, Reform Movements, Islam and Europe
N Ḥadīṯ
O Law
P Theology, Sects, Sufism
Q Philosophy
R Non-Islamic Religions
S History of Science
T Art
U Music, Games, Sport
V Epigraphy, Papyrology, Numismatics
Z Journals

Except of the Signature Groupe A (general Works) and Z (Journals) the books are lendable, if they're not published befor 1900