South Asia

The library of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies holds one of the richest collections pertaining to South Asia in Switzerland. The thematic focal points of the library are classical and modern original-language sources of Indian literature, religion, philosophy history, politics, art and indigenous sciences, as well as research literature on these areas. The Indological holdings (code UINDO in the NEBIS-catalogue) comprise ca. 24’000 volumes and 300 periodicals, of which ca. 50 have current subscriptions, in over 60 languages, and are searchable via the union catalogue of the NEBIS-network. The library further holds microfilms, CD-ROMs, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs with Indian films. These media collections, as well as a collection of over 28’000 articles, can be viewed following consultation with librarian responsible for Indological holdings, Dr. Olga Serbaeva.