China (in Chinese Language)

China (UOASC)

Location: Zürichbergstrasse 4, 1st Gallery und 2nd Floor

The IAOS possesses the most comprehensive resources for Chinese Studies in Chinese and Japanese across Switzerland. As of 2016, the library houses more than 95’000 volumes, 650 Journal and newspaper titles (150 with active subscription), microfilms, CD ROMs, audio CDs, and a considerable video-library of Chinese films. It is necessary to consult several catalogues when searching for material. Older titles from the 1950s-1980s are found only in the card-catalogue (title, author, Chinese title, Chinese author). Newer publications appearing after 1990 appear in NEBIS-Catalogue. In the NEBIS-Catalogue, it is possible to search by Pinyin and Chinese characters. Traditional or simplified characters can be used: a double search-query is no longer necessary. When searching in Pinyin, attention must be paid to the aggregation: Zhongguo wenxue yanjiusuo and not Zhong guo wen xue yan jiu suo. The video-library is unfortunately searchable only as a Allegro-database on site.


Location: Zürichbergstrasse 4, Basement

The journal holding related to East Asia are to be found in the basement of Zürichbergstrasse 4 (in original and European languages). For access to the journal holdings, please contact the responsible library staff (offices on the second floor in Zürichbergstrasse 4).