Library of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Re-opening after Corona

Starting June 8th, the library of the institute will open its gates towards visitors and seekers of Asia-related literature. Due to the ongoing danger of infection, there are the following adjustments in the way we're open to the public:

- Opening hours of the library are limited to 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

- The library is currently run as a "library to go", meaning that users are asked to preorder their books, using the mail adress All books should then be picked up at the counter in Rämistrasse 59 (this goes for the Japanese and Chinese language books from Zürichbergstrasse 4 as well). Library users are generally asked to come in, return books, pick up new books and then leave again.

- working space within the library should be pre-booked, using these links:

Working Space Zürichbergstrasse 4 (4 Seats)

Working Space Rämistrasse 59 (8 Seats)

These only work for members of the universty, students and staff (people using a mail-adress with the domainname All others should please inform library staff of their need for a working space, which can then be arranged.


The IAOS houses the largest research library for Asian and Oriental Studies in Switzerland as well as a growing collection in Gender Studies. The library contains more than 230.000 volumes, 2.000 journals (480 active subscriptions) as well as microfilms, CD-ROMs, Audio-Cassettes, CDs and DVDs, and offers access to various specialized databases. The main focus of the library is in the fields of languages and literatures, philosophy, religion, history and society in China, the Islamic World, Japan, South Asia, Asia in general, as well as Gender Studies. The library has extensive holdings in the respective original languages as well as in European Languages.

Opening Hours

The Library is open at both of its locations (Zürichbergstrasse 4 and Rämistrasse 59) from Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:00.

Location Rämistrasse 59, 1st Floor

The IAOS library location at Rämistrasse 59 houses the following holdings:

  • Islamic World (identification code: UORI)
  • South Asia (identification code: UINDO)
  • East Asia (identification code: UOASA, ehemals Abendländische Bibliothek)
  • Gender Studies (identification code: UORI)

The library location has a helpdesk, 27 working spaces, two copying machines and WLAN. It has been newly equipped with RFID-technology, a self-service station and security gates which facilitate library processes (such as independent checking out of books by users, easier checking in of books, inventory etc.).

Location Zürichbergstrasse 4, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor and Ground Floor

The IAOS library location Zürichbergstrasse 4 houses the holdings in original languages on:

  • China (identification code: UOASC)
  • Japan (identification code: UOASJ)
  • Korea (identification code: UOASK)

In the basement of ZUB, the large and internationally unique holdings of journals on East Asia have been brought together on one floor. The library location at ZUB has 27 work spaces (three of which are equipped with research computers) and a copying machine.